Aquavet terms and conditions.

Whilst every care is taken of the dogs undergoing treatment, the maintenance of the water and equipment all dogs receive hydrotherapy entirely at their owner's risk.

All treatment must be paid for at the end of each session.

Working hours will be charged in full if cancelled without 24 hours working notice.

Your dog will not be treated without prior authorisation of a veterinary surgeon and an up to date vaccination record.

Dogs with contagious conditions such as ear, eye or skin infections, gastric upsets or kennel cough etc. You should contact your own vet for advice and phone Aquavet with at least 24 hours notice if the session has to be rearranged.

Owners are required to notify Aquavet if during a course of treatment your dogs' injury or condition worsens or if a vet advises that the treatment is stopped or suspended.

Aquavet reserves the right to refuse treatment to any dog.

Owners are requested not to feed their dogs 4 hours before a session and to ensure your dog has had plenty of opportunity to toilet. A charge of £40 will be made if dog defecates in the water - In addition to session fee.

We reserve the right to cancel a session after such an incident as a dog defecating in the water or a situation beyond our control (e.g. power cut).

When not undergoing treatment all dogs must be kept on a lead and under control at all times. No dog must enter the pool without a member of staff being present.

It is the owner's responsibility to poop a scoop after their dog whilst on company premises and the surrounding environment. PLEASE TAKE WITH YOU. There is a park at the top of Oak Street.

Aquavet assumes no responsibility for any toss or damage of vehicles or personal possessions, howsoever occasioned whilst on company premises.

Aquavet assumes no responsibility for loss or injury to any person or animal, howsoever occasioned whilst on company premises.

Aquavet reserve the right to use video footage and photographic stills taken during sessions.

When visiting Aquavet you are advised to wear sensible footwear with non slip soles and clothing you don't mind getting wet. The floor of the hydrotherapy rooms becomes very wet and slippery.

Please ensure your dogs coat is clean prior to swimming. Do not use our hydrotherapy equipment to clean your dog. Aquavet reserves the right to refuse to swim a dog with a dirty coat. Please note the full cost of the session will be charged in such circumstances.

Aquavet reserve the right to refuse to swim dogs that show aggression to humans or other dogs. Owners take full responsibility for their dog's behaviour whilst on company premises and will be held liable for any damage or injury caused to humans, other dogs, equipment or premises.

Aquavet address and contact details are at the top of this website and on our contact page.

You can download these Terms and Conditions from our Downloads page.

Give us a call - 0114 258 3221

If you need more information about how we can help with your Dog, please get in touch. We welcome a 'phone call and are more than happy to answer your questions. You can also email us or download information forms HERE .

Our clients say it best
  • Aquavets was life changing for Bernard (then aged 11)and for us. Bernard was losing all feeling in his legs and was becoming visibly depressed; being able to swim and chase his ball in the water gave him a new lease of life. He could walk further and was clearly a happier dog. He LOVED going to aquavets and so did I. The staff were so friendly and understanding. Bernard was nearly 13 when he passed away and I am sure the 2 years we attended the hydrotherapy sessions were invaluable in maintaining and improving his quality of life. He had acute spondolosis of the spine and severe arthritis which limited his movements, but in the water he was a puppy just playing and having fun as well as gaining invaluable exercise. I can not recommend this treatment highly enough –Mrs Chilvers

  • In January this year we received the devastating news that our 9month old Cavalier King Charles had severe hip dysplasia.

    A local search found that Aquavet was our nearest hydrotherapy centre and a phone call later we were booked in to start with hydrotherapy sessions. I write this testimonial several months on and we cannot thank Lisa, Nicole, Becky and all the team enough for their support, understanding and encouragement. Along with physio from Sarah we now have a stronger, fitter and healthier dog well placed to fight her condition.

    Daisy loves her trips to see Lisa and the team and it is now part of our regular routine, instead of a long walk in the fields, we have a trip to Aquavet for a swim! Thank you Lisa for all that you do, it really does make a difference x

     –Bev Senior

Fully qualified and experienced Canine Hydrotherapist
registered with the National Association of Registered Canine Hydrotherapists

Lisa Dobson - Aquavet owner
is a fully qualified and experienced Canine Hydrotherapist and registered with the National Association of Registered Canine Hydrotherapists