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  • March - 2020 - Buster Burke
    Buster Burke

    SWIMMER OF THE MONTH - March 2020

    Buster Burke

    Buster is a very handsome 7yr old Boxer dog who first came to Aquavet in December 2019 following diagnosis of right bicipital tendinopathy and bilateral chronic elbow dysplasia. If that is not enough Buster also has a heart murmur which we must be mindful of!

    Having had 12 hydrotherapy sessions now Buster is a completely changed dog. Initially he required two hydrotherapists to assist him in the hydrotherapy pool as he would panic and thrash around, then on the otherhand would occasionally just float with no movement at all! Having had no previous interest in toys or treats, it made encouragement during sessions tricky. HOWEVER, we have a new found love for the good old squeaky green stick and now Busters swims incredibly well. He has even penguin dived off of the resting station in order to retrieve his beloved toy (not a recommended at all Buster!).

    Buster’s owner is pleased with his progression and new found love of swimming as he has become much more lively at home and willing to play, where as before he seemed to be an aging old dog. To top of Buster’s sessions he thoroughly enjoys his blow dry afterwards and is always disappointed when its over!


    Was once known as wimp of the month and now a pro!


  • February - 2020 - Daisy Panes
    Daisy Panes

    SWIMMER OF THE MONTH - February 2020

    Daisy Panes

    Daisy is a lovely little Border Collie X Labrador who first came to Aquavet in May 2019 with arthritis and reduced range of movement in her hips. Daisy is a rescue dog who did not have a great start to life. She can be quite nervous, particularly of new things like; showers, towels, people and swimming pools! Daisy would not tolerate being dried with an aquamat so her owners purchased a dog robe to ensure she would dry as quick as possible so to protect her joints. This comes with a quick application from mum may we add!!

    Daisy has recently come out of her shell more and has showed to put her faith in us, having let us dry her with a hand mitt, slowly increasing the area each session to recently letting us dry her all over (HOORAH)! To add to this success Daisy has recently passed her ‘MOT’ at the vets, where they were extremely pleased with her current physical state.


    Daisy thoroughly enjoys her swims for a ball and sunbathing in the warm water when the sun drops low through the window. She has also now recently taken to protesting when it is time to leave the pool!! 

    We are so proud of you Dasiy. WELL DONE!

  • January - 2020 - Crumble Wainwright
    Crumble Wainwright

    Crumble is a beautiful Labrador X with quite a complex case! She was orignially referred in 2018 for bilateral hip dysplasia where she showed brilliant improvement in muscle development and gait. She then had surgery for a ruptured right cruciate ligament in May 2019, and if that wasn’t enough she damaged her right collateral ligament too! We have been working very hard along side the physiotherapist here to build muscle and stabilise the right hind limb and she has showed significant improvement. Originally Crumble would swim in the hydrotherapy pool to help her hip dysplasia, but was swapped to the underwater treadmill following her cruciate ligament injuries, for a more controlled envrionment. We are hoping that with the limb being as stable as it can be, that we can begin alternating her sessions between the pool and treadmill in hopes to bring some of the fun back into her hydrotherapy!

    Crumble is an extremely nervous dog, but copes very well and having learned the routine well here, she continues to trust staff more and more each time.

    Well done Crumble!

    Our First Swimmer of The Month In A New Decade

  • December - 2019 - Rosie Brooks
    Rosie Brooks

    SWIMMER OF THE MONTH - December 2019

    Rosie Brooks

    Rosie, a lovely young Labrador came to Aquavet in September 2019 following corrective surgery to treat a ruptured Achilles tendon. Rosie had the same surgery on the opposite hind limb some years ago. Due to the nature of her injuries she is naturally compensating through her elbows and shoulders, which has been causing her quite a lot of discomfort.

    Rosie’s treatment originally consisted of a combination of pain relief from the vet, hydrotherapy in the underwater treadmill and physiotherapy with Sarah Edge.

    HOWEVER, since the vets are pleased that the Achilles tendon has healed nicely and Rosie is such a sweet calm girl, she has now transfered from the underwater treadmill to the hydrotherapy pool, as this is non-weight bearing and would avoid exacerbating the forelimb discomfort. During this transition Rosie’s previous possible need for further pain medication has not been necessary, as she has made such significant progress.


    Rosie loves her swims and MOST importantly her BALL!


    Well done Rosie!

  • November - 2019 - Blade Martin
    Blade Martin

    The lovely Blade, a remarkable 17 year old Staffordshire bull terrier. Blade originally came to Aquavet to improve his mobility for arthritis within his hind limbs.

    Blade went against all odds of ‘Staffys’ not being great at swimming. He was like a fish in water! Originally Blade would swim for a ball, after a few sessions he found swimming without one was even more fun! Blade was so keen to swim that he would often shout at the hydrotherapist if they were resting him for too long (he knew best). Blade was a real character to have in, always knew what he wanted and was a man on a mission!

    Unfortunately Blade is no longer with us due to deterioration in his health. We will all miss him dearly here at Aquavet.


    All our love x

  • 00 - 2019 - Cuthbert McCloskey
    Cuthbert McCloskey

    Meet the handsome Cuthbert; he is a 2 year old English Bulldog. He first came to Aquavet in August 2017 for fun and fitness swims. Cuthbert is a very confident swimmer and loves the water. As Cuthbert is a brachycephalic breed (shortened nose) extra care was needed to ensure his respiratory system wasn’t compromised.

    In June 2019 Cuthbert was referred to a specialist due to right hind limb lameness, he was diagnosed with a rupture to his right cruciate which would need to be surgically repaired. Once on the operating table it was discovered Cuthbert had also ruptured the left cruciate too. After a call to his owner it was agreed to repair both cruciates' at the same time by T.T.A (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement) as this would give Cuthbert the best recovery.

    Cuthbert has now returned to Aquavet to have treatment in the Underwater Treadmill as this is more controlled than the pool, we can also assess his gait pattern and ensure he is placing all his limbs correctly to help build the correct muscle groups.

    Once Cuthbert’s cruciates' are stable he will then be transferred back to his beloved pool to help maintain his muscle bulk.

    Keep up the good work Cuthbert!

  • September - 2019 - Mitchie Bishop
    Mitchie Bishop

    Mitchie is a 12 year old Springer spaniel; she was referred to Aquavet in February 2019 for Arthritis. Mitchie was sadly involved in an accident as a puppy and fractured her right hock which caused her to offload her right hind limb and transfer her weight forward which has put more pressure on her fore limbs causing the arthritis. Mitchie has weekly hydrotherapy sessions in the pool and also has regular physiotherapy sessions with Sarah Edge which all round helps to maintain her mobility and keep her comfortable.


    Mitchie is a confident and keen little swimmer and loves to play with her ball; she is accompanied by her big brother Anton who just comes for the treats.


    Well done Mitchie, keep up the good work!

  • August - 2019 - Ollie Mason
    Ollie Mason


    AUGUST 2019

    Ollie Mason.

    Ollie is a 2 year old Border Collie X GSD referred to Aquavet with mild hip dysplasia, possible elbow dysplasia and lumbosacral discomfort. (Low back pain) Ollie first came in November 2018. At that time his right hip was the worst, he was lacking muscle and in some discomfort. He was seen and treated by Sarah Edge, physiotherapist, and given a home exercise plan to follow. Ollie was treated on the treadmill till March 2019, when we discussed with the vet that swimming could benefit him. It was agreed to use the pool alternately with the treadmill, provided we took precautions to protect his spine. Ollie is a super swimmer, it is definitely his favourite. Ollie has now built muscle to protect his hips and has a good range of motion ensuring that his elbows and hips are kept as mobile and pain free as we can.


    Well Done Ollie!

  • June - 2019 - Murphy Tucknutt
    Murphy Tucknutt



    Murphy is a lovely 12 year old Dalmatian with Osteoarthritis. He started with us in August 2018 and has attended weekly for hydrotherapy sessions in the pool. He has also had some physiotherapy. At the beginning of the year Murphy had investigations for tiredness which showed he had an underactive thyroid and anaemia, which he is now being treated for. On top of this he has also had to have surgery to remove a large amount of bladder stones. Bladder stones are a formation of minerals caused by retention of salts in the urine and a decrease in the body’s natural inhibitors of crystal formation. This leads to inflammation, infection and discomfort. Since Murphy’s return he has been treated alternately with the pool and the treadmill. The pool gives him freedom of movement whilst the treadmill enables us to correct his gait pattern and aid proprioception. (knowing where to place his paws)


    Well Done Murphy!

  • May - 2019 - Sox Barrowcliffe
    Sox Barrowcliffe

    Sox is a 2 year old German Shepherd dog who was referred to Aquavet in May last year with bilateral (both sides) hip dysplasia. When Sox first came to us he was quite nervous and was unhappy about anyone near his hind limbs. He was obviously in some discomfort. Sox has also been treated by Sarah Edge, Chartered Physiotherapist, and is following a home exercise plan. He had a unique swimming style to start with – “frog legs” kicking with both hind legs together. Sox’s technique has improved since then and has built muscle around his hips making him more comfortable and protecting the joints. He now attends every 2 weeks for hydrotherapy and monthly for physiotherapy. He really seems to enjoy his sessions now.


    Well Done Sox!

  • April - 2019 - Poppy Duguid
    Poppy Duguid

    Poppy is an 11 year old Yellow Labrador who came to Aquavet in October last year with Osteoarthritis in both hips. Osteoarthritis, also known as "wear and tear" arthritis, is a degenerative disease in which the surface cartilage of a joint wears away eventually leaving just bone beneath it exposed. Healthy cartilage acts as padding in the joint and under normal conditions is perfectly smooth. Poppy still enjoys 2 good walks a day but has slowed down a little, possibly due to discomfort. She is lovely and slim which will certainly help her. Poppy started with weekly sessions and now attends fortnightly. She enjoys her swims picking up a squeaky stick. Liz (Poppy's Mum) says she is at her best when she is here. Liz also makes an excellent lemon drizzle cake!!

  • March - 2019 - Daisy Drayton
    Daisy Drayton

    Daisy is a 5 year old Dalmatian who was referred to Aquavet after collapsing with a ruptured disc in her spine that rendered her paralysed from the waist down.This was investigated at the vets and found to have a left sided intervertebral disc extrusion at L3-L4 which causes the spinal cord to be compressed, which also extended further up her spine. This is a severe spinal cord injury.

    After an MRI to find this out she had a left sided hemilaminectomy L3-L4 and also a mini hemilaminectomy at L2-L3 and a large amount of disc material was removed. A hemilaminectomy is the surgery performed to remove part of the vertebrae to relieve any excess pressure on the spinal cord.

    Once the wound from the surgery had healed Daisy could get going with intense physiotherapy and hydrotherapy.

    Daisy started on the underwater treadmill as this is more controlled and we can keep her spine straight and encouragement placement of her hind limbs by facilitating them ourselves. After a couple of months Daisy progressed into the pool to try and encourage her to use her hind limb and free off tension in her fore limbs and shoulders due to pushing all her weight forward.

    Daisy has physiotherapy and hydrotherapy to maintain her muscle in her fore limbs and free off any tightness.

    At home Daisy gets around in her doggy wheels, where she whizzes around the park saying hello to all her friends.